KiKi Beauty Product Review – A South African Luxury Skincare Brand

KiKi beauty - A South African luxury skincare brand

Today I am writing about a brand that I am currently obsessed with, KiKi Beauty – a South African luxury skincare brand that will make you fall in love with their products from the first time you use it. I am so proud that we are getting to see more South African beauty brands out there who are creating products of such luxury and elegance and KiKi Beauty is one of those brands. I was sent a package to review from them about a month ago and I have tested these products thoroughly before doing this review, so I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on their products. Please remember that although I get sent products to try, my reviews are always honest as I always put my readers first. Let’s take a closer look at why KiKi Beauty has become my obsession.

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Little Eskimo Rejuvenating Ice Mask Review – Improve your skin with cold therapy

Little Eskimo face and eye mask

It has been another hectic weekend with lots of work that needed to be finished and I am almost done so hopefully I will be ready to start with exam preparations soon – how does the time go by so fast? I have another amazing review on a product that I received recently – the Little Eskimo eye and face masks. I was fascinated to try these masks as it looked promising in alleviating some of my major concerns on my face that I have been experiencing. Firstly, I have been waking up to swollen eyes every day for the last few weeks – I guess it is the lack of sleep that I have been having, but I have been putting cold teabags on my eyes to help the swelling. Then I received this package and was so happy to have a simpler solution in resolving my problems. Little Eskimo is a life saver and you will find out why…so keep reading.

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Halal Nail Polish by Maya Cosmetics USA Review


Halal nail polish by Maya Cosmetics

Hi Beauties, today I am so excited to share this review with you, of my new halal nail polish by Maya Cosmetics. Being a muslim it is quite difficult making the decision in choosing a halal nail polish but after seeing the test and certification by Maya cosmetics, my mind was finally at ease to try this product. Maya Cosmetics is a company based in the USA, but they do have distributors in South Africa which makes it so much easier for us to purchase – as we all know purchasing products internationally is quite expensive by the time you add courier and custom charges. I ordered this product from a lady in Johannesburg and my delivery was prompt and service was impeccable – I will provide her details at the end of this post as she is the cheapest in South Africa.

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Mii Cosmetics – Celestial Skin Shimmer Rose Quartz Review & Giveaway

Mii Celestial skin shimmer in Rose Quartz

Mii Claims

“Inspired by the wants and wishes of thousands of beauty spa and salon devotees, Mii is makeup that’s all about you. Combining the finest ingredients, unrivalled expertise and effortless application, Mii offers something for everyone. The skin loving formulas include different foundations, a 100% pure mineral line and an exciting selection of wearable shades for eyes, lips, cheeks and complexion; all complemented by sixteen tailor-made brushes, each created to bring you the most from your Mii makeup. Easy to choose, easy to use and easy to understand. Mii gives you the confidence that every makeup decision is the right one.”

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Essence Lights of Orient Limited Edition – First Impressions

Essence Lights of Orient Limited Edition

Essence Cosmetics have released some amazing products recently and I always love limited editions, so I had to get the Lights of Orient products to test and review here on the blog. It was a bit of a hassle as these products were sold out in most stores nation wide but luckily I was able to get the last eye shadow palette and the last 2 shades of lipsticks – guess it was my luck. Unfortunately I couldn’t get some of the other products I wanted but I am not complaining as I am still fortunate to get the main items I wanted from this limited edition range. Essence never seems to let down its customers by always giving us quality and affordable products and the lights of orient was no exception. There are some pros and cons with this range so keep reading to find out my experience.

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