Little Eskimo Rejuvenating Ice Mask Review – Improve your skin with cold therapy

Little Eskimo face and eye mask

It has been another hectic weekend with lots of work that needed to be finished and I am almost done so hopefully I will be ready to start with exam preparations soon – how does the time go by so fast? I have another amazing review on a product that I received recently – the Little Eskimo eye and face masks. I was fascinated to try these masks as it looked promising in alleviating some of my major concerns on my face that I have been experiencing. Firstly, I have been waking up to swollen eyes every day for the last few weeks – I guess it is the lack of sleep that I have been having, but I have been putting cold teabags on my eyes to help the swelling. Then I received this package and was so happy to have a simpler solution in resolving my problems. Little Eskimo is a life saver and you will find out why…so keep reading.

Cold therapy has been used by many people in alleviating skin problems by placing ice cubes on their faces. This was said to have reduced puffiness, dark circles, increase blood circulation, helps with sunburn and skin irritation and the list goes on but the most important benefit for me is reducing enlarged pores. Some say that applying cold therapy to your skin before applying makeup actually allows your makeup to last longer. So many benefits with cold therapy but I am not a fan of putting ice cubes on my face, so Little Eskimo has made cold therapy so much easier for me by creating a gel based mask that you pop in the fridge/ freezer and place on to your skin – easy peasy!


Information from the Jonathan Hurwit – Director of HLS Industries

“In 2016 we saw the rise of research into cold therapy for beauty purposes, models internationally are icing their faces before shoots, people are using the cold to curb inflammation, to lose weight, to tighten the skin and relieve redness. The problem with just ice is that it melts, so we thought there should be a better way – we started with the Little Eskimo project, the first brand in South Africa that actively promotes the cold and the benefits of cold therapy.
Our biggest strengths as a company are our product design and our customer service. With regards to design we pay careful attention to how the packaging feels when you touch it, the smoothness, the colour and the look of the brands.
We make sure that products feel great when using them and are unique products. We stress about the finer details, for example, the Little Eskimos we tried a number of boxes to see which felt the smoothest when picked up – these are small details that we stress about but it’s how we believe amazing products are built and we carry out this same manner of care for every detail of the product.
With regards to our customer care we go all out to make sure that our stores are doing the best they can, regular follow ups, quick delivery and building good relationships. In general though our mission at HLS industries is to make the world beautiful. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and its a very subjective topic, so what’s beautiful to us is that you feel good about yourself and that you feel confident.”
Products from the Little Eskimo Range

Rejuvenating Facial Ice Mask

Smoothes Skin

Little Eskimo helps tighten skin and shrink enlarged pores, making your skin feel as smooth as ice.

Pore Primer

Little Eskimo is a great skin toner. By minimizing your pores, your makeup will look smooth and flawless so that you are always selfie ready.

Reduce Swelling and inflammation

The cold from the Little Eskimo constricts blood vessels which helps reduce inflammation and swelling.


Little Eskimo want you to look beautiful! The face mask aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making you look and feel youthful.

Control Blemishes

Little Eskimo helps soothe irritation and redness, say goodbye to blemishes and breakouts.

Late Nights

Every social butterfly know that sometimes one too many late nights take its toll on your skin. Little Eskimo will ensure your skin always looks and feels fresh.

Rejuvenating Eye Mask

Puffy Eyes

Great for puffy and fatigued eyes. Chillout, take a nap and let the Little Eskimo take care of those dark circles and puffy eyes.

Reducing Redness

Little Eskimo constricts blood vessels helping to reduce redness, bringing back those gorgeous eyes.

Alleviate headaches

This product aids in the alleviation of headaches.


Little Eskimo want you to look beautiful. The eye mask aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making you look and feel youthful.

Late Nights

Every social butterfly know that sometimes one too many late nights take its toll on your skin. Little Eskimo helps relax and refresh after a long day or late night out.



Little Eskimo ice mask and silk covers

My Experience

Firstly I must say that these masks come well packaged with directions and benefits which is informative for a customer. Service and delivery from the company is a blessing because Jonathan is so passionate about his customers and their feedbacks about the products – he really goes out of his way for customer service and I love that about the company.

I have been using this for 3 weeks now and I have become obsessed with cold therapy. These masks have helped me with my eye puffiness and dark circles which is so incredible – I have actually used this last night for my daughter who had a red swollen eye and it cleared up in no time. The facial mask has helped me a lot in reducing my enlarged pores and I am really impressed with this mask. I had a severe breakout on my skin and the facial mask has done an amazing job in reducing the swelling and clearing up my skin. I haven’t tried applying this mask before makeup and will definitely do so in the coming weeks and see if it makes a difference in  making the makeup last longer.


Little Eskimo adjustable straps

These masks are so easy to use – you just put them into the fridge / freezer and once its nice and cold just put them on and relax – in fact I put the facial mask whilst I am doing work and its comfortable to wear. These masks come with adjustable straps that hold in place – so they won’t slide off. Once you done with the mask you just need to wipe them and keep them away in the silk cover that it comes with and store away. These masks are easy to wipe so it is quite hygienic as well.

My overall thoughts about these masks are that they are definitely worth trying and are really affordable especially since they are re-usable but most importantly you will see results.

You can purchase the eye mask for R95 and the facial mask for R185 or you can purchase the combo which includes both these masks for R269. Get these masks online from Little Eskimo,  click here.