Halal Nail Polish by Maya Cosmetics USA Review


Halal nail polish by Maya Cosmetics

Hi Beauties, today I am so excited to share this review with you, of my new halal nail polish by Maya Cosmetics. Being a muslim it is quite difficult making the decision in choosing a halal nail polish but after seeing the test and certification by Maya cosmetics, my mind was finally at ease to try this product. Maya Cosmetics is a company based in the USA, but they do have distributors in South Africa which makes it so much easier for us to purchase – as we all know purchasing products internationally is quite expensive by the time you add courier and custom charges. I ordered this product from a lady in Johannesburg and my delivery was prompt and service was impeccable – I will provide her details at the end of this post as she is the cheapest in South Africa.

Maya Cosmetics Claims

“After considerable time, effort and research, we are pleased to introduce MAYA – a unique nail polish line created specifically for the needs of our Muslim sisters.”

MAYA is the brainchild of a brilliant team of young innovators.

“We wanted a high-quality, long lasting nail polish that would be safe to use, wudu-friendly, & promote nail health. MAYA was created with this philosophy in mind.”

  • Air/water breathability – more oxygen reaches the nail surface resulting in better conditioned & stronger nails.
  • Fast Drying – dries within minutes.
  • Long Lasting – far more durable than water-based breathable nail polish.
  • Minimal Chip.
  • Vibrant colors including glossy top coat and matte top coat resulting in a variety of combinations.
  • Free of commonly-used harmful ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and               camphor.
  • Physician-Approved.
  • PETA-Certified.
  • Free of prohibited alcohol, animal derivatives and animal testing.
  • 100% Halal Certified.
  • 100% USA Made.



We are pleased to announce MAYA:

  • Has been tested and accredited by various health specialists as being healthier than other standard nail polishes.
  • Has been verified by PETA as being animal-free and vegan-friendly.
  • Has been verified as 100% Halal, and 100% Wudu-Friendly, by scholars at Darul Qasim Institute.
  • Has been scientifically verified to be water permeable by SGS Labs.

Certifications are available upon request. If you wish to receive any of Maya Cosmetics certificates then please contact them via email: info@maya-cosmetics.com.

Maya also has a water permeability test which you can watch on their website by clicking here.


Wudu Directions

Gently rub nails for 10 seconds while water flows over the nails/fingers during wudu to assure permeability. Even two coats (1 nail polish + 1 top coat) will assure breathability.


My Experience

Maya halal nail polish comes is a selection of 25 vibrant colours which include nudes, top coats, mattes and glossy’s. The application of Maya nail polish goes on very smooth and dries within minutes. Even though I didn’t purchase the top coat, my finish was so glossy – love the end result. The packaging is cute and comes in an 11ml bottle – there are some distributors who keep the 5ml bottle but I find the bigger one is more worth it for the price.

I did a thorough research about this halal nail polish by phoning many people to enquire about the product and the pricing. What I discovered was that some distributors have their own halal certifications in South Africa, from local institutes for extra peace of mind, however their prices for the nail polish are much more expensive. Maya nail polish ranges from R250 to R220 per 11ml bottle with most distributors but like I mentioned in the beginning of my post I purchased it for a much cheaper rate from a lady in Johannesburg. I bought mine for R170 a bottle which made it so affordable for a halal nail polish and also to purchase more colours. The distributor I used was referred to me by Maya Cosmetics USA themselves and she is the most kindest person who is so accommodating to her clients.

Her name is Shireen and her contact number is 062 323 4900 – she couriers all her packages throughout South Africa for a minimal charge. She does have a limited amount of colours at the moment, as she is sold out on most of the nail polish, but she is getting a new shipment in the next 2 weeks. You can contact her and check the colours she has currently or you can place pre-orders with her to secure your package when it arrives in South Africa. I highly recommend her services as she will go out of her way to ensure that her customers are happy with their purchase and delivery is prompt.

Some of the information above has been taken from the Maya website – if you would like to read any further information or check their certifications, water permeability test or colours of the nail polish then please view Maya’s website here.

Once again the distributor I used is – Shireen 062 323 4900





4 thoughts on “Halal Nail Polish by Maya Cosmetics USA Review

  1. Salam hi.
    Can i know do u ship to sg? How much does maya halal nail polish u are selling? I would like to get plenty. Hope to hear from u soon.


    1. Hi, Please contact the person whom I recommended in the article and she will assist you. Thank you

  2. I’m a chemical engineering grad student and I decided to have a look at this polish. I think there are a lot of people being misled here. When they do the permeability test and start rubbing the water drop, what’s actually happening is that they’re rubbing away the fibers of the napkin (basically creating tiny holes in it). This is known as “abrasion”. Technically if you rubbed almost any nail polish on a napkin or coffee filter hard enough you can force water drops to go through it because you’ve burnt a hole through it with your finger. This of course will not work on your nails, and hence no amount of water will go through.

    What bothers me the most about these kinds of companies is that somehow they’re getting these so called Imams and scholars who have absolutely no science or medical background to validate their claims wihtout any proper scientific knowledge. And in the US, cosmetics are hardly regulated and hence you’ll find enormous amounts of toxins, parabens, and dangerous chemicals in them.

    I strongly and humbly advise my sisters buying these products to do your research. If you’re not sure – ASK! And ask the right people. If your local Imam doesn’t know the difference between an oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecule, then chances are he has no idea about the science behind any of these experiments. Demand a valid answer from these companies and don’t fall for any of their marketing traps unless you are 100% satisfied with their response.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Many people have asked their local ulema and it was stated that it is halaal. Everyone should make their own decisions and if they in doubt then they should not use it, however I am not the Ulema to advise people on this. Maya is certified halaal by the company itself. Jazakallah for the information. Take care.

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