Essence Lights of Orient Limited Edition – First Impressions

Essence Lights of Orient Limited Edition

Essence Cosmetics have released some amazing products recently and I always love limited editions, so I had to get the Lights of Orient products to test and review here on the blog. It was a bit of a hassle as these products were sold out in most stores nation wide but luckily I was able to get the last eye shadow palette and the last 2 shades of lipsticks – guess it was my luck. Unfortunately I couldn’t get some of the other products I wanted but I am not complaining as I am still fortunate to get the main items I wanted from this limited edition range. Essence never seems to let down its customers by always giving us quality and affordable products and the lights of orient was no exception. There are some pros and cons with this range so keep reading to find out my experience.

Firstly I have to say that the packaging is absolutely beautiful with the eye shadow palette as you can see above. The limited addition was created with an Arabian theme in mind so hence the names of the products. The eye shadow palette comes with 6 shades – 5 pigmented shades and 1 matte shade. The colours are very subtle and beautiful however they don’t blend so well when applied with a brush – I prefer applying it with my fingers as it goes on better. These colours need to be packed on to your eye to see a pleasing result but they have a bit of fallout and they do tend to smudge a bit. I have to admit that as much as I think this is affordable and pretty, it was a bit of a disappointment for me as I had high expectations.


Lights of Orient Eye Shadow palette Design


I have swatched the colours for you below and you can see the matte shade looks as if I am bruised – I really don’t like the colour. The darker shade purple looks nice and the gold also goes on well but is not so shimmery as I would have liked it to be. I have used the eye shadow palette on numerous occasions to see if I get a different view of this product but unfortunately it was still the same opinion as the first application. It doesn’t have a long lasting effect either, as the day goes by the product is less noticeable and like I said above, there is some fallout which I wasn’t very happy about. Overall it was affordable as it retailed for R84,95 but I was not impressed with this palette as I thought I would be.

Lights of Orient Eye Shadow palette 6 shades swatched


The Lipsticks I purchased were The Sultan’s Daughter and Princess Jasmines Choice – they are moisturizing on the lip. The Sultan’s Daughter is a soft pink colour but I did not like the texture – although it is moisturizing it doesn’t give that smooth flawless look on my lip. Princess Jasmines Choice is a beautiful soft purple that goes on to the lip smoothly giving you a better coverage. The lipsticks retail for R47,95 which is also very affordable. I purchased the Lights of Orient products from Clicks.